Justice | Commons | Spirit

Social Justice. Commons Economy. Spiritual Awakening.

The movements transforming our world touch and intersect in important and fascinating ways. This daylong convening was created for you, if you are interested in exploring edges and spanning boundaries — within and across our movements, in the depths of your being, and between “us and them.”

Our Saturday venue is serene and state-of-the-art: the Student Center at Sonoma State University. We are also pleased to share that Sonoma State University students will participate in their own convening on Friday, as a lead-in to their attendance on Saturday.

Tickets for Saturday are available on a sliding scale starting at $50. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. Join us and let’s build relationships, power, and solidarity for our movements.

Favianna Rodriguez


Our keynotes are “conversation catalysts.” We have three, one for each of the three movement clusters of Justice, Commons, and Spirit. They will set the table for us to represent and reflect on our ideas, practices, and movements — their strengths, their limitations, tensions between them, and the patterns that connect them and us.


Music. Poetry. Dance. Performances will be woven into the day to inspire you and invite you into a full-bodied experience. If we, as a body politic and movement of movements, endeavor to hospice the collapse of systems and engender our next systems, it will take decolonized bodies, regenerative bodies, and awakened body-minds working together.


Through provocative talks, generative conversations, artist performances, and embodied practice, there will be opportunities to engage your head, heart, and hands.

Enjoy three meals and a day of action-inquiry in a diverse community that defies simple characterization.

We are change makers. Community organizers. Concerned citizens. Citizen philanthropists. We are transformative artists. Academic scholars. Social innovators. Spiritual practitioners. We are students and young leaders. Wise elders. Indigenous healers. We are technologists. Ecologists. Anthropologists. We are futurists. Facilitators. Family.

We come from many walks of life, united by a desire to create a loving, fair, cooperative, sustainable, and thriving future.

Core Program

  • 8:30


  • 9:30


  • 9:40

    Performance & Practice

  • 10:00

    JUSTICE - Kristen Zimmerman

  • 10:25

    World Café

  • 10:55


  • 11:10


  • 11:25


  • 11:35

    COMMONS - Nikki Silvestri

  • 11:55

    World Café

  • 12:25


  • 12:40


  • 2:00

    Performance & Practice

  • 2:40

    SPIRIT - Matthew Fox

  • 3:00

    World Café

  • 3:30


  • 3:45


  • 4:00

    Breakout Panels

  • 5:15


  • 6:30

    Performance & Practice

  • 7:00

    Panel: A Movement of Movements

  • 7:45

    Table Question

  • 8:00


  • 8:20

    Closing Remarks (10 minutes)


A Moment for Movements takes place on the beautiful campus of Sonoma State University. Our venue is the new Student Center. Use the maps below for driving directions to SSU and the centrally located Student Center (#34 on the campus map below). Parking is available for $5 or $8 in nearby campus lots.


Our heartfelt thanks to these friends for supporting this convening:


A Moment for Movements: Justice. Commons. Spirit. is a joint initiative of: